A Turning Tide: Mexico’s Shift in Weed Legislation


People curious about the weed in Mexico have to take a step further back from the picture so they can really see what is going on. The Mexican gangs have controlled nearly all drug activity in the country for the entire modern era. Today, the tide is starting to turn.

With the United States starting to have a marijuana renaissance and Canada’s new Prime Minister being on the pro-pot platform, the North American Continent is becoming very green-friendly. (Read more about legalization in those nations here.)

Mexico isn’t far behind on the weed push with their most recent legislative shift in policy. In November, Mexico’s Supreme Court decided on a human rights basis that the ownership, use and personal cultivation of marijuana was an inviolable human right. The battle is, unfortunately, not entirely over as the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is standing firmly in opposition to the popular movement and the democratic resolution arrived at through the Mexican Senate.

What ends up happening long-term is going to be interesting to watch. The big push for weed legalization in Mexico was led by a group called SMART who began their grassroots effort 2013 with a petition which finally made it all the way to the nation’s supreme court. According to various reports, including one with the Wall Street Journal, a large part of the effort is geared at loosening the aforementioned and long-standing monopoly on the drug trade held by the gangs and cartels.

Previously to this turnaround, Mexico has been strong on the side of state prohibition of marijuana usage. Unsurprisingly, as reported by Time, the Mexican prohibition of marijuana is nothing more than a coerced reaction to the United States’ prohibition of the substance when President Richard Nixon declared his war on drugs in 1971.

This recent shift in cultural and legal perspectives is allowing individuals to retain their natural rights to retain ownership over their own body. It’s all a very positive push for people in the “Legalize It!” movement. Their decade-long trail of activism and effort is starting to pay off in a big way.


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