Australian Family Seeks Amnesty for Medical Marijuana


Despite the fact that Australian officials announced in October that they would begin taking steps to legalize medical marijuana, one family is asking for amnesty for their use of cannabis oil.

Cherie and Trevor Dell began treating their daughter, Abbey, with cannabis oil after watching the three year old suffer from near constant seizures.  Abbey suffers from a genetic disorder called CDKL5, which causes frequent seizures, in addition to other symptoms. Previously, Abbey would suffer from dozens of seizures daily, but since using cannabis oil, the Dell’s have seen that number drop.  Now, Abbey has one seizure – if any – per day.

But after speaking publicly with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten about their experiences, Sydney Police have begun an investigation into the family, who have also started treating one of their older sons with the high CBD cannabis oil.

While the family expects the Australian government to officially legalize medical marijuana in the coming years, being granted amnesty would allow the family to continue treating their children for the time being. Australia is allowing states to legalize individually, and Shorten is urging Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull to take federal action, to protect families like the Dells.


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