How to Make Cannabis Topicals


From back pain to stiff necks or even Fibromyalgia, millions of people live with pain. Did you know that cannabis is a great pain reliever?

Marijuana topicals help relieve pain directly without high or having to worry about failing a drug test. This makes an infused topical a great new way to get the pain relief marijuana can provide to you. Lotions or topicals absorb into the skin and do not enter the blood system. They are also not absorbed into our fatty tissue which absorbs marijuana and helps to provide a positive reading on urine drug test.

There are now marijuana topicals available in states that have legalized marijuana in dispensaries or collectives, but. some people want to make their own lotions or creams to reduce their pain.  Fortunately, with a little time and effort, marijuana infused oils and lotions are quite easy to make at home. Here’s how:

For a topical oil: Use dry crushed cannabis. Cover with oil, hemp or olive oils work best. Cover your jar or bottle and store in a cool, dark area for at least 3 weeks. Shake daily. Pour through a sieve and it is ready to use.

For lotion or ointment: Use dry crushed cannabis that has been heated in a crock pot or double boiler with a thick or fat oil (Olive oil, hemp oil, or cocoa butter are suggested) for 45-60 minutes. Store in a jar and put in a cool, dark area for 2-3 months. Strain through a cheesecloth. Add aloe vera to make into a lotion. Reheat with beeswax to make into an ointment.

Use any of these as you would any pain relieving topical. Both of these are topical treatments and shouldn’t give you a buzz like you’d get smoking or eating cannabis since it is absorbed through your skin.

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