How to Make Your Hit Smoother


Nothing ruins a big hit like coughing up a lung afterwards.

Due to the widening legalization of marijuana for medical use and recreational smoking in many states, many users have an interest in information on how to make your hit smoother. There are a number of effective ways to get a smoother hit of smoke. Those with medical needs might be looking for a way to make inhaling cannabis smoke less harsh, while recreational users might simply be looking for a smoother way to enjoy their favorite bud.

A pipe will definitely provide a smoother, cooler toke than any paper wrapped product such as a marijuana cigarette or cigar, commonly referred to as joints or blunts. Glass pipes provide the coolest, cleanest tasting hits when it comes to pipes. A clean pipe means a cleaner tasting, less harsh hit. Some smokers frequently clean their glass pipes, while others prefer to use the cheapest possible glass pipes and simply dispose of them.

Water pipes, commonly called bongs or bubblers, offer an even cooler inhale than a pipe. The water cools the smoke providing a smooth hit. To maximize the cooling power of a bong or bubbler, use one with a large enough opening to add ice cubes to the water. Although it doesn’t affect the cooling potential of the water pipe, a clean pipe and fresh water offer the best tasting, least harsh hit possible.

Due to the rise in popularity and legal use of cannabis, vapor devices for inhaling marijuana are becoming more common as well. There are a variety of simple pipes and electronic devices that allow the marijuana to heat up without actually combusting. This method not only allows for a cooler and smoother inhale, but this method also preserves more of the psychoactive cannabanoids that are usually destroyed by the flame during inhalation. This provides a stronger hit as well as a tastier and smoother inhale. Whether they use electric coils to heat air as it passes through the marijuana, or simply a pipe design that allows warm airflow without allowing flame to touch the combustible material, the effect is the same. No smoke is released, only a vapor of plant resins as the leaves toast to a brown color. Vapor devices are not only popular with serious recreational users, but are particularly effective for medical users who need to avoid the harsh smoke for reasons of health and physical comfort.


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