Marijuana Effects on Economy Projected to Continue, Increase


When Colorado and Washington first made recreational marijuana legal, the whole country held its breath waiting for the hammer to drop. Any day now, the federal government could swoop down, and start arresting shop owners who weren’t breaking any local laws. That didn’t happen, though, and as the days and weeks went on, more states started realizing that marijuana’s positive effects were vastly outweighing what negatives there were.

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And those positive effects are only looming larger, according to USA Today.

$23 Billion in Sales?

It’s no secret that people all around the world use marijuana, and they use it regardless of whether it’s legal or not in the area they happen to live in. However, as more states have legalized marijuana use, we’re finally getting real numbers on just how popular weed is among the general populace. In 2015, sales were $1.3 billion. That’s just the legal marijuana that people bought and paid for.

And that number is only going to increase, according to projections.

According to ArcView and New Frontier, it’s possible that in the next four years, the legal marijuana market will explode to a size that we would never previously have thought possible. Of course, the real question that people are asking is whether this is growth in the industry, or whether the black market for marijuana use was this big, and we’re only just seeing it now that it can come out of the shadows?

Either way, the march toward legalization looks bright, if we can continue to make decisions based on facts, instead of on the propaganda of the past.


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