Marijuana, Moms, and Misconceptions


Cannabis still gets a lot of negative attention, especially when it comes to moms who consume it. With four states having passed a recreational marijuana law, including the District of Columbia, and an additional 19 states having legalized marijuana in some form, what’s the big deal?

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Mothers are coming out of hiding and voicing their views and misconceptions about parenting and pot. One of the biggest misconceptions is that cannabis users mirror the personality types of Cheech Marin or Tommy Chong circa 1978’s Up in Smoke. False. Several mothers out there consuming cannabis do so with a purpose, such as pain management or relaxation, which in turn enables them to better interact with their children on a more attentive level.

Another misconception is that consuming cannabis will always make you high. Wrong again. Some moms out there don’t like the feeling of being high when going about their day-to-day parenting and domestic tasks. Instead of smoking buds which are high in THC, some moms turn to concentrated oils, such as those used in pediatric care, which have a lower THC level but higher CBD levels. Low THC means mild or no psychoactive effects, enabling moms to interact with their kids without the worry of feeling as though they are too high to “cope.”

Turning to a creative outlet, cannabis does wonders at opening the mind. Although scholarly articles claim there is still no link between cannabis and creativity, partly due to having no scientific method to objectively measure creativity, researchers have stated divergent thinking increased with acute cannabis use in individuals they call “low creatives.”

Psychologists in cognitive neuroscience have concluded that all types of creative outlets are essential to a child’s brain development and learning, and some have said imaginative fiction may increase reading skills, empathy, and creativity, according to Learning & the Brain, a website connecting educators to neuroscientists and researchers. When a mother’s mind is infused with creativity, the effect may be passed down to her child almost effortlessly with the payoff being a child’s overall brain function and development.

For some moms, cannabis isn’t a substance used in order to “cope” with their kids, instead cannabis is used as an enjoyable method to finding fun in kid-friendly activities. Diane Fornbacher, TODAY contributor, and mother of two, publicized her cannabis use:

“It didn’t affect my interactions with them adversely. In fact, it didn’t change how I felt about them or the way I treated them, just as they felt no differently toward me. Cannabis did make Play-Doh, coloring books and Lego’s much more interesting to me, though.”

Parents across the nation are re-discovering marijuana, and increasingly, marijuana is becoming normalized.  Just like a glass of wine at night, a toke takes the edge off and lets parents enjoy the little things more.


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