Pot For Your Pooch? A Look At Weed’s Positive Effects On Pets


Some people become high and mighty when listening to some pet owners discuss alternative treatment methods for man’s best friend. While their intentions are usually good, they can be somewhat uninformed about the topic at hand. Specifically, if there are positive effects of weed use for Fido.

A quick Google search will bring to the surface a clash of opinions and personal experience when asking the question; Should pets get high? Some claim their pets love to get high, while others swear up and down that animals don’t know any better and allowing them to become stoned is animal abuse.

To help bring the truth to light, we will look at the fact that animals do know better. In fact, they know and understand more than we give them credit for. For example, horses will purposely lick frogs for the psychedelic effects it has on them. Additionally, they will seek out and consume a plant called ‘locoweed,’ which has the same effect on the brain as nicotine. Russian bears love getting high from the fumes of fuel, and will stalk helicopters in the hopes of obtaining an empty fuel barrel. Once more, jaguars in the jungle will seek out the roots of the banisteriopsis caapi plant and gnaw them until they get high. They then lay in the tree tops and hallucinate for a while. There are so many examples of this, but we won’t list them all. Point being, animals can and do have the capacity to enjoy being high.

So, what effect does marijuana have on our pets, specifically? This is hard to say. With recreational marijuana smoking becoming more wide-spread and its medical uses also becoming apparent, research is just now starting up on if it can help our four-legged friends. Dogs can in fact get high as weed has a similar effect on them as it does to us. However, unlike us dogs can suffer from marijuana overdose and will require medical attention. Plus, a small percentage (about 25%) of pets may pace and pant when exposed to marijuana as opposed to lying in their beds eating biscuits.

However, when given in carefully measured amounts weed has been shown to have excellent results as treatments for neurological disorders, easing the pain of chemotherapy, and more. A 5-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Georgia is a medical marijuana patient. She is given capsules with a low dose of THC to ease the symptoms of her serious neurological disease known as syringomyelia. Her owner, Kelly Conway, reports that the treatment has had amazing results. She says after watching Georgia suffer for so long it feels like she has a ‘whole new dog.’

Similarly, Ginger owned by Kerry Churchill suffers from uncontrollable muscle spasms. That is, until, Kerry found Canna Companion, the same supplement taken by Georgia.  While the spasms haven’t stopped completely, they have been vastly reduced and she has regained much of her playfulness and energy.

Canna Companion has received hundreds of testimonials from happy pet owners with the same story; Cannabis helped my pet. They hope this success will drive the interest in clinical studies of medical marijuana for animals and humans alike.

What do you think? Are marijuana Milk Bone dog biscuits in the future? Could cannabis help pets just like humans?

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  1. My good friend has a greyhound who loves getting high! Every time we light one up he comes in and starts licking the air. You can definitely tell he gets high from it and he loves it!

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