The Best Marijuana Strains for Pain


When someone is in pain, they usually visit their doctor and tell them about their problems. It’s more than likely that the doctor will try to prescribe a prescription narcotic that could lead to dependency, which is not something a patient wants to deal with. However, those who live in states with recreational or medicinal marijuana have a better option available to them.

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Using Marijuana For Pain

If a patient wants to use marijuana for pain, then they need to be aware of which strains are going to be the best match for them. Not all marijuana is the same. In fact, the differences between strains are quite drastic.

ACDC – This is a sativa/indica hybrid strain that is well-known for its pain relieving properties. It has a high concentration of both CBD and THC, so it can relax someone and help them forget about the pain they are in.

Blue Widow – A hybrid variant that’s mixed with the ever-popular White Widow, Blue Widow is a strain that’s known to help people dealing with pain. It has almost double the amount of CBD in its chemical makeup when compared to its THC content, which is great for those who recently had surgical procedures, deal with migraines, and those who experience pain related to scar tissue buildup.

Blackberry Kush – This strain is a pure indica that is very high in THC content and not so much in CBD. However, indica strains that are high in THC have also been known to help patients in pain. This strain is probably going to be easier to acquire in states that are new to medical/recreational marijuana because high CBD strains are fairly uncommon still.

Harlequin – Generally, indica and hybrid strains are the best for dealing with pain, but this strain can still help people with certain issues by reducing their inflammation. Those who suffer from arthritis or inflamed joints can greatly benefit from this potent sativa. It also provides patients with an uplifted, clear-headed feeling that allows them to reduce their pain and still be productive during the day.

These are just a few of the most common pain relieving strains on the market today. If you’re interested in learning more about what strain is going to help with your particular pain issues, contact us for more information on various strains and what issues they can help with.


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