The Big Dance: March Reefer Madness


March is a special time of year and not because it’s the official beginning of spring, St. Patrick’s Day, or Easter. For college basketball fans across the country and around the world, the third month of the year is the most important one out of all 12. Teams from colleges and universities spanning the nation gather to put their basketball skills to the test for the tournament championship.

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Madness Munchies
Plan to invite your buddies over to watch the games? Don’t forget to provide some delicious game day treats for your guests. Even better, try out some of these cannabis-infused recipes (just remember to give your friends a heads-up about your special snacks):

Things to do in Denver
Visiting the Mile High City for the first and second rounds of the NCCA basketball tournament? Lucky you! In between games, enjoy the many wonderful attractions in and around Denver, such as Red Rocks Amphitheater or the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Curious about trying some recreational marijuana while you’re in town? Find a dispensary with great deals near you.

Marijuana and Sports
Despite the stoner stereotypes, marijuana positively impact athletes, from amateurs to professionals, without turning these people into useless couch potatoes. Marijuana-infused topical medications can help treat muscle injuries, pain, and inflammation. Some professional sportsmen, such as triathlete Clifford Drusinsky, believe marijuana is a performance enhancer that allows them to better focus on their training. More so, studies have shown that exercise can actually improve your high by increasing THC levels. 

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