This is What It’s Like to Buy Legal Weed


Going to a dispensary sounds like it could be an intimidating and nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are a ganja newcomer and suffer from the residual effects of “Reefer Madness” and moralizing politicians. In actuality, it is a very easy process that is not unlike, say, buying meat at your local butcher — there’s even weighing involved! This is what it’s like to buy legal cannabis:

The first step is to prove that you are old enough (21+ for recreational users) to enter the sales room of the dispensary. A security guard behind the front desk will check your driver’s license, and if there aren’t too many customers already waiting in line then you will be buzzed inside. At first glance, the sales room might seem overwhelming: there are glass display counters featuring a wide array of pipes, bongs, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolled joints and the strains themselves. What is all this stuff? What exactly does sativa even mean? How will I decide what to buy? Your budtender will be able to answer all these questions, and more.

Budtenders are just like any other retail professionals. They are here to help you, the customer, and possess a wide breadth of weed knowledge. If you are looking for something to help you relax or get creative then let them know! Are you a newbie and want to try something mild? Just ask! After deciding what best suits your personal needs, your budtender will dispense the weed by measuring out an eighth (or whatever amount you decide) into a small container and sticking on a label with relevant information, including ingredients and THC level. You can be rest assured that there are strict regulations set in place to protect the customer.

Cash is the only accepted form of payment, but there is usually an ATM on the premises in case you’ve only brought a debit card. Otherwise, the transaction is just like any other. Once you’ve received your change and receipt, you are free to go and smoke your legal cannabis. Oh, and it’s always polite to leave a small tip!


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