Unusual Suspects


OK, OK, by now maybe it’s unfair to keep reminding everyone that Barack Obama did, at one point, smoke weed, and that he looked really good while doing it. Instead, let’s look at 10 other people you might not expect to smoke weed:

1. Bill Gates

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In a 1994 biography, Gates said his drug of choice was marijuana.

2. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

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Justice Thomas smoked marijuana in college (who didn’t?)

3. Martha Stewart

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Stewart famously told Andy Cohen on Bravo,

“of course she knows how to roll a joint,”because, of course! Right?

4. Sarah Palin

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Palin made a jab at former President Bill Clinton, stating “I can’t say I never inhaled.”

5. Morgan Freeman.

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Hey if it’s good enough for the voice of God

6. Ted Turner.

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Read more about the media mogul’s history with marijuana over at Cannabis Culture

7. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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Bloomberg once said he “enjoyed it,” though later he expressed some regret at that optimism.

8. Jennifer Aniston

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Aniston has been open about her enjoyment and support of cannabis use, and we can’t help but wonder if it’s her secret to seemingly never aging?

9. Cameron Diaz

cameron diaz marijuana

Another woman who doesn’t age! Our favorite detail about Diaz, however, is that she claims to have purchased weed from Snoop Dogg in high school.

10. Matthew McConaughey

matthew mcconaughey

OK this one isn’t quite as surprising as, say, Sarah Palin or Bill Gates, but any time we can bring up naked bongo playing, we will.

 Do any of these people surprise you? Tell us who in the comments section below. Want more? Check out the MPP top 50 most influential marijuana users list. While you’re here, don’t forget to look for smokin’ deals at dispensaries near you!


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