Wasted Weekend? Strains of Weed That Help Hangovers


Many people will tell you, unequivocally, that weed cures a hangover.¬†While we don’t know of any study that conclusively proves this notion, we do know that¬†weed helps a hangover. Here are some strains to think of after you’ve had a few too many.

Just over the limit?

Let’s say that after work beer led to three or four. You’re not too bad off, you’re just a little slow to start. Try a pleasant, balanced strain like Bio-Diesel. This hybrid has been a favorite medical strain for years. It will perk you up and take the edge off that headache.

Skipping breakfast?

Okay, so last night was a big one. One thing led to another, and you took a cab home. Now, you’re awake, but breakfast seems like a bad idea. Try Zen; this strain relieves nausea and increases the appetite. You’ve got to get hydrated, and get some food into your system before your hangover leaves you. While there’s no proof that anything actually cures a hangover, it’s a well-known fact that weed increases the appetite. Zen, and other munchie-inducing strains like Bay 11 or A-Train, will help your hunger return, and allow you to get something in your stomach.

Never drinking again?

Uh oh. What happened last night? Forget taking the edge off or getting something in your stomach. You’re in the depths of a catastrophic, top five hangover. You want to sleep for a long, long time. Northern Berry is known to knock out even the most seasoned stoners. It’s heavily sedative high will help you get back to bed.

Whatever strain you pick, turn down the lights, grab some water, and relax the hangover away.


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