10 Potential Benefits of Cannabis


You’ve probably wondered,  “What are the benefits of medical marijuana?” Many people don’t need to be so reliant on prescription drugs if they qualify for medical marijuana or live in a state where adult use is permitted.   We’ve outlined 10 ways marijuana may improve your health in this infographic.  If you’re in a state with medical or recreational cannabis, you can find a dispensary and talk to a budtender to find a strain that is right for you. Plus, don’t forget to look for great deals! While the FDA has not yet validated any of these statements, there are many potential health benefits of cannabis.

Greenito learn about medical marijuana health benefits - Infographic



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  1. […] Sativa and indica are the most well known subspecies of cannabis. Although they have very different appearances, growing cycles, and native environments, these two types of cannabis are incredibly popular for medical and recreational use and offer many benefits. […]

  2. […] Each state has different qualifying medical conditions and symptoms as well as the physician requirements in order to become a legal medical marijuana patient. You can always learn more about Arizona’s medical marijuana policies, but this is a great starting place. From Cancer to MS, or severe pain, there is more and more research showing that marijuan has many potential medical uses and health benefits. […]

  3. […] Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and DC.  Four states have legalized cannabis for adult use. Washington is one of them. When it comes to medical marijuana there are different qualifying medical conditions  in order to become a card carrying medical marijuana patient. If you’re wondering about how to become a medical marijuana patient, this is a great starting place.  From Glaucoma to Cancer, or severe pain, there is more and more research showing that marijuana has many potential medical uses and health benefits. […]