10 Super True Stoner Stereotypes


In today’s installment of the people who consume cannabis series, we’re going to take a quick look at the profiles of ten different cannabis smokers. Each individual on this list is based on a real character in the author of this post’s life. Perhaps they remind you of somebody you know as well.

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1. Entrepreneur Eddie: Eddie seems to have energy and enthusiasm to spare – often brought on by a joint or two – and he seems to be involved in a new startup every week.  Bonus points if he owns a cannabis business.

2. Stoner Sarah: The cool chick in your circle of friends that also happens to be totally hot. She can take a hit harder than any of the guys.

3. Throwback Tommy: He hasn’t smoked a “doobie” in about 15 or 20 years. The stuff around today is way more potent than what he had smoked in his day, so remind him to go easy on his first reunion toke.

4. Mama Mari: She’s either your mom, or your friend’s mom but she’s definitely a “down lady” who you can smoke with, swap flowers with or at least share some great 1960s hippie culture stories.

5. Dealer Dan: He’s likely bitter since recreational pot is on the rise and his turf is being threatened. Known for the occasional free smokeout, he’s not as responsive as a sanctioned shop, but his hours are more robust.

6. Reggie Buds: This guy is known for being glassy-eyed and reeking of cannabis all day long, and it’s for great reason. His bud’s THC content is so low that he must smoke nearly constantly to maintain a high.

7. Dank Donnie: He’s been known to pass a blunt without even taking a toke if the ingredients aren’t top-shelf to his liking. Don’t even try getting Dank Donnie in the same session as Reggie Buds.

8. Sick Sammy: It’s sad to hear about Sammy’s case, but he’s a great guy, plagued with a strange affliction. Thankfully, Charlotte’s Web and her plentiful CBD contents allow Sammy to skip seizures on a regular basis.

9. Pothead Pluto: You’ve heard of or perhaps met that dog who is too curious not to try smoking pot. Once he gets a taste of that sweet, sweet sensi bud, he’s forever leaping in front of plumes, trying to get another lungful.

10. Scientist Steve: He’ll smoke you out, but only if you process the cannabis through a series of beakers, test tubes and various methods to where consuming it resembles nothing to do with smoke or fire. You still get high, so Steve is your man.


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