12 Stoner-Approved Recipes for the Ultimate Danksgiving Feast


Enjoy a stress-free holiday season with a little added green (or A LOT!). While maybe not the best plan for your family meal, get some friends together to each make a dish and enjoy in all the festivities Danksgiving has to offer. With these 12 recipes, your feast will definitely be an all time favorite for years to come. So go ahead, create higher standards for Thanksgiving’s to come.


1. Start strong with some Cannabis Cornbread.

Danksgiving Feast Cannabis Corn Bread Greenito

Start your Danksgiving off right with this Canna-Corn Bread. Seasonal and served warm, nothing will make you appreciate the season quite like a corn bread high.

2. Improve on a classic with Mashed Pot-atoes.

Danksgiving Feast Mashed Potatoes Greenito

Who doesn’t love the creamy comfort of mashed potatoes? Homemade mashed potatoes are a crowd-pleasing option for any occasion. This recipe for mashed pot-atoes takes their comfort to a new high by adding in a little extra relaxing comfort from cannabis.

3. Elevate the main course with this THC Turkey.

Danksgiving Feast THC Turkey Greenito

Serve with your favorite sides, and share the love and invite your friends.  They’ll be practically begging you to come take part in your delicious, cannabis infused feast!

4. You can’t have turkey without some great Stoner Stuffing.

Danksgiving Feast Stoner Stuffing Greenito

Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without some stuffing. But make your holidays a little bit more exciting this year with a little Stoner-approved Stuffing.

5. Make your gravy with a little extra kick with this Ganja Gravy recipe.

Danksgiving Feast Ganja Gravy

Ganja Gravy is a great option to give everybody the chance to enjoy a holiday high without overdoing it. Guests can add it on top of whatever they want and control their own dosage – though we can’t imagine there will be any leftovers!

6. Get baked with this Clove Honey-Baked Ham.

Danksgiving Feast Get Baked Honey Baked Ham Greenito

Yeah, you could wake and bake, or you could get baked with this clove honey-baked ham. We know everyone doesn’t do turkey, so here’s another recipe to make your day a memorable one.

7. Try this Stoner’s Dream-Green Bean Casserole.

Danksgiving Feast Green Bean Casserole Greenito

No side says Thanksgiving – or rather, Danksgiving – quite like a Green Bean Casserole.  We took that recipe and we made it just a little bit greener.

8. Sweeten the meal with this Stoned Sweet Potato recipe (don’t forget the marshmallows!)

Danksgiving Feast Sweet Potatoe Casserole Greenito

Sweet potato casseroles are the best of both worlds; they’re like having dessert for dinner. Make yours just a bit sweeter this year by adding a bit of canna-butter and enjoy a Danksgiving to remember – err, maybe.

9. Also, make some Canna-Cranberry Sauce.

Danksgiving Feast Cannabis Cranberry Sauce Greenito

Why not try a cannabis spin on everyone’s favorite side: cranberry sauce. This sweet sauce makes excellent leftovers, and will stay for a while. You can serve it warm or cold and enjoy it for days!

10. Did someone say Marijuana Mac and Cheese?

Danksgiving Feast Mac and Cheese Greenito

This infused Mac and Cheese version is so delicious that we’ve simply been calling it ‘cheesy goodness.’

11. Finish the meal with a slice of Pumpkin Pot Pie.

Danksgiving Feast Pot Pumpkin Pie Greenito

There is no celebration if there’s no pie.  And while you could buy a pie from the store, nothing tastes better than a homemade pumpkin pie – unless of course, that pie is homemade AND cannabis infused.

 12. Still missing your favorite side? Make any recipe fit for Danskgiving by adding a little bit of Canna-butter or Canna-oil.

After you hit the grocery store, swing by one of these dispensaries to find the best deals on all the rest of your ingredients.


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