A Brief History of Marijuana’s Effect on Sex Drive


People often opt to wonder what marijuana will do to their sex drive. Given the recent actions of the government on marijuana, curious minds have done countless studies focusing on a large variety of topics associated with the substance. Among these studies is just how marijuana affects a person’s sex drive. This, of course, has been an ancient question that just might finally be getting its answers.

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Scientists have been torn as to how marijuana affects a person’s sex drive. Most have simply chalked it up to a situation that totally depends on the person. Not all people take this standpoint, though, and provide multiple facts that are both new and ancient.

Many ancient cultures have viewed marijuana as an aphrodisiac. Ancient Ayurveda heavily used marijuana in sexual rituals. The reason these ancient people did this was because they believed that marijuana increased libido. During a time where the purpose of human life was to create more human life, these rituals were incredibly important. Researchers believe that certain renditions of these rituals exist today.

Since then, multiple studies have been conducted in an attempt to determine what marijuana does to the human sex drive. In 1981, a study that came out of the University of Texas determined that the THC in marijuana increases testosterone in males significantly. Their study determined that marijuana is not necessarily an aphrodisiac, but instead stimulates human sex organs by increasing hormone levels.

Of course, ancient beliefs and practices cannot be the only foundation of how marijuana can improve one’s sex drive. With this in mind, a more recent study pertaining to the subject was conducted by the University of Buffalo. Their findings determined that domestic violence statistics drastically decrease with couples who smoke marijuana together. Their findings also determined that couples who smoke the substance together grow closer and more intimate.

Unfortunately, skepticism surrounding the substance and how it influences the human sex drive still exists. Most opt to conclude that it depends on the person. Studies attempt to prove otherwise, but this is truly a subject in which only time and further study can determine a final answer.


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