A Legendary Strain: OG Kush


In the world of weed, few strains have achieved the cachet of OG Kush. But what is OG Kush and why is it so popular?

It is one of the most famous strains of marijuana, with a pop culture following that rivals any celebrity. OG Kush has become a staple in the world of weed; “ogkush’ has been posted nearly 50,000 times on Twitter and Instagram,  has its own television series, “The Adventures of OG Sherlock Kush,” and is widely referred to by rappers including Wiz Khalifa and Schoolboy Q.

Appropriately, OG Kush is shrouded in myths and mystery.  While there are many urban legends about its genesis, OG Kush most likely is one of a group of strains indigenous to Afghanistan and North Pakistan, near the Hindu Kush mountain range. The name OG Kush suggests that this strain is 75% Indica and 25% Sativa.

The aroma of OG Kush is in equal parts pungent and fresh, with sweet notes, notes of concentrated citric acid and a touch of earthiness, diesel and spices, strongly reminiscent of a barbecue, such a typically American flavor. The distinct aroma, special flavor and unusually strong high tends to make this strain more expensive.

So what is OG Kush? What do you get for your money? Aside from its distinctive aroma, OG Kush is believed by many to be a great strain for pain relief and to relieve insomnia. It is not uncommon for OG Kush to have around 24% THC, producing a high that is initially uplifting followed by a heavy relaxing body high. For more information about this legendary strain, contact us.

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