A Marijuana Mother’s Day


Once there was a time when you had to hide your use of marijuana from your mom. However, the times have changed and many people who were once firmly opposed to cannabis have changed their tune and even experimented with it on a few occasions. This year, opt to host a Mother’s Day get-together for your family that, while it might be non-traditional, is fun, unique, and relaxing.

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Mother’s Day Brunch
Skip the reservations, long waits, and hiked up prices of Mother’s Day brunch at local eateries and instead make a cannabis-infused meal your family won’t soon forget. You’ll have to start with your cannabis cooking basics:

Check the recipes you are going to prepare on Mother’s Day to make sure you have the right ingredients on-hand.

Keep in mind that you’ll probably only want to serve two cannabis-infused dishes at your Mother’s Day brunch. If your whole meal is made from weed, no one is going to remember it or how to get home afterwards. The cannabis centerpiece of your Mother’s Day could be:

To accompany your brunch, you can also make:

Happy Mother’s Day Marijuana Strains
Whether you’re cooking with cannabis or just using some of it on Mother’s Day, you want to choose strains that will make your feel happy and blissful. These cannabis strains will certainly do the trick, and might be your mom’s favorite Mother’s Day gift ever:

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