Are You Bud-lingual? B-H-O and D-A-B


Sometimes walking into a dispensary can feel like walking into a foreign country. With so many terms and types, it can be hard to understand it all.

Marijuana goes by a lot of names; weed, bud, trees, and Mary-Jane are some of the most familiar ones. There are names to describe the plant, the type, and the form of consumption. Today, there are some new terms coming into prominence in the scene, however they describe practices that have been around for decades. Two related terms, BHO and ‘dabbing’ have particularly begun to trend.

What is BHO?

BHO stands Butane Hash Oil (often referred to as ‘honey oil’) is also informally known as ‘wax’ or ‘shatter.’ It is a concentrate made by using a solvent (in this case, butane) to extract more of the psychoactive substances from the marijuana leaves. The resulting substance is a resinous concentrate, consumed through smoking or vaporizing, though eating it is an option as well.

Is BHO safe?

If properly concocted, BHO is as safe to consume as any other marijuana product. While butane is a volatile substance, the entire principle behind a solvent is that it gets stripped out during preparation along with other impurities. When you consume BHO, you’re consuming the concentrated hash oil compounds, not the butane. That said, most lighters are also powered by butane combustion, and such small quantities of butane are certainly not harmful.

On the other hand, producing BHO is potentially very dangerous, and best left to experienced professionals with proper tools. Butane is highly flammable, so even trace amounts of it, particularly when cooked indoors, can create explosions and burns the hands of a newbie’s experimentation.

What About Dabbing?

Simply put, ‘dabbing’ is inhaling BHO vapor. To do so involves some specialized equipment, but the process can be compared to freebasing. After heating up the bowl, the user drops the BHO into it. The resulting vapor is then inhaled. Different temperatures, concentrations of BHO, set and setting, can create different experiences.

Most importantly, be responsible and have fun. BHO is a great way to explore the wide world of weed further.

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