Baby Boomers & the Booming Cannabis Industry


While many people assume that the young people moving to marijuana-friendly states are the spearhead of the industry, a recent study suggests that the image of the young, hapless stoner isn’t exactly accurate. More so, we should all pull up a chair and pass that dutch over to Baby Boomers, too. The face of marijuana is changing.

A recent study conducted by IBISWorld and cited by both Upstart Business Journal and High Times Magazine, indicates that, “By the end of 2015, more than 110.9 million Americans over 50 are expected to be using marijuana, and that number could increase by seven percent in the following five years.” This is a huge growth, and one that is expected to be larger than any other demographic.

Why the increase? We suspect it has to do with the fact that Baby Boomers will have more disposable income and leisure time as they head into retirement. Likewise, the medicinal effects of marijuana might be beneficial as they age. These all seem likely, but honestly? We also think a lot of it has to do with harking back to their own youthful high times. Many boomers were pioneers in recreational pot use, and advocates for peace, love, and understanding. After years in corporate jobs, raising families, and taking on more responsibility, it will be nice for them to be able to sit back and relax the way they used to. Given the legal, paranoia free environment and the ability to consume through edibles, vaporizers, and even ice cream, getting high is easier and even more stress free than ever.

Record players are making a comeback, too, so maybe the boomers had it right all along: Records, relaxation, and reefer. “Everybody must get stoned,” afterall.

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