Battling Marijuana Prohibition


Despite the stoner stereotypes perpetuated by society, marijuana is a miracle plant for numerous reasons. From its vast medical applications to the positive impact legalization would have on our nation’s economy, cannabis prohibition in the United States is actually working against more people than it is benefiting. Luckily, the Drug Enforcement Agency is reexamining the Schedule 1 designation currently assigned to weed, and should come to decision about it “in the first half of 2016.”

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If the DEA opts to recategorize pot, the doors will open for legalization efforts. If you’re unfamiliar with the reasons to legalize marijuana, they are quite numerous. Most importantly, a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control found that legalization in Colorado has contributed to a decrease in weed usage by teenagers. Furthermore, with 800,000 Americans arrested each year for non-violent marijuana charges, taxpayers and the government could forgo a hefty expense if marijuana were legalized. The list of reasons just goes on and on.

Anti-marijuana activists have their illogical purposes for supporting prohibition. However, these views are narrow-sighted and ignore weed’s value to the medical community and economy. For instance, if you just examine the numbers out of Colorado, the legal marijuana market has created more than 10,000 jobs statewide. Additionally, in 2014 alone, Colorado generated $14 million from taxes on medicinal and recreational pot sales.

Until myths and misconceptions are dispelled and the federal government eases its ridiculously staunch stance, marijuana prohibition will continue to be the national standard. The importance of educating yourself about cannabis cannot be overstated as pot activists continue to battle against marijuana prohibition in the United States.

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