Beat Insomnia With These Strains


Insomnia is one of those frustrating conditions that can descend on anyone at any time, and which can feel nearly impossible to beat. However, there are several strains of medical cannabis that are perfect for insomnia. Here are some of the most popular and effective.

Shark Shock

Good insomnia cannabis is typically high in CBD, a compound that helps promote relaxation and sleep. This particular strain is a relaxing and fruity one that tastes great, smells wonderful, and helps calm the nerves that can cause insomnia.

Uncle Andy

For a potent and fast-acting strain of insomnia cannabis, you can’t do better than Uncle Andy. Fruity, potent, and harsh, it is best used by experienced smokers. Beyond its use for insomnia are its positive effects on anxiety, back pain, and ADD.

Bubba Kush

A mix of Bubble Gum and Kush, this relatively mild strain has a little less THC than other Kush strains. However, this helps make it a great strain for anyone suffering from insomnia. It creates a relaxed and friendly high that promotes sleep.

Night Train

This well named strain is rather earthy, with a coffee taste and a citrus aroma. It creates a heavy feeling that helps break through your insomnia and give you the relaxation you need to fall asleep almost immediately.

This is just a sampling of the various strains that have a major impact on insomnia. We can help you find a strain that is perfect for your experience level.


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