Best Marijuana Strains for Celebrating 420


Big plans for Wednesday, April 20, 2016? Maybe you’re attending a 420 rally, festival, or party, or possibly you’re hosting a 420 feast for your friends. Regardless, if your 420 plans involve socializing, spending time in crowds, and just being out and about in general, you’ll want a high that makes you feel energetic, blissful, and ready for fun. Give these cannabis strains a try for your 420 festivities.

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Space Queen
A light green color with a lemon haze scent, Space Queen is a sativa that is excellent for socializing. Also known for minimizing anxiety, Space Queen’s parent strains are Romulan and Cinderella 99. Be sure to consult your budtender on the potency of any Space Queen you find at a dispensary, as this can vary from crop to crop.

Silver Haze
Focus on the concert, the party, or the conversation you’re enjoying on 420 with some Silver Haze. Easily identified by its silvery THC crystals, this strain is fast-acting and gives you a mellow cerebral buzz.

Apollo 13
A combination of green shades with orange hairs and loads of crystals, Apollo 13 is a bit of an enigma, as it comes in both sativa-heavy or indica-heavy varieties. This hybrid is a favorite among social butterflies who like be full of energy when they go out.

Pineapple Express
Made famous by the 2008 action-comedy movie of the same name, Pineapple Express has a tropical fruit taste with a rich, cedar or pine scent. As a matter of fact, Pineapple Express is a sort of multi-functional marijuana strain in that it’s great for daytime use, when you need be focused and on-point, or for consumption at night, when you’d like to feel giggly and happy.  

White Widow
Known for its high level of THC, White Widow is an ideal strain for unwinding and relaxing while still offering users a nice energy boost. This dynamic hybrid is a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts, and for good reason. A hit or two is all you need to achieve a fantastic high for going out with friends or staying in with a good book.

Purple Wreck
An indica-dominant hybrid, Purple Wreck is a bred from Trainwreck and Purple Urkle strains. The sweet, candy-like taste of Purple Wreck leads to a relaxing body high but also, a very motivating and active one as well. If you’re needing some extra happiness and energy before you head out to a 420 event, Purple Wreck is your best bet.

Cat Piss
Named for its off putting smell, Cat Piss is worth getting past the odor because this sativa-dominant strain hits all the right notes. Using Cat Piss, you’ll immediately feel uplifted, energetic and focused. This strain is also used to treat patients suffering from appetite loss, so beware of munchies when you try Cat Piss.

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