Blunts Versus Joints: How Are They Different?


In the world of marijuana, simply understanding the terminology can be challenging. So what is a blunt, and how is it different than a joint?

With the number of marijuana smokers increasing each year, it is important that users, as well as potential users, are informed on topics revolving around weed. Weed can be consumed many different ways, but let’s it break it down to the basics: what is a blunt and how is it different from a joint?  Here is some helpful information on how to tell the difference and select which one is right for you.

The Wrap 

Weed can be wrapped in anything, but typically a marijuana user will select specific rolling papers
depending on the user’s desired size, flavor, and burn duration.A joint is made by taking marijuana and filling a piece of hemp paper. Hemp papers can come in many different sizes based on how much marijuana you want to use, but the papers are usually unflavored. A blunt is created by filling a piece of tobacco paper or a cleaned out cigar wrap, which is a compressed tobacco leaf, with marijuana. The blunt will burn slower due to the higher thickness of the tobacco paper.

The Feeling 

While technically weed affects individuals differently, but there is a noticeable difference in the feeling between a joint and a blunt. The joint is typically seen as a “lighter high” than a blunt, solely because of the papers being used to smoke the marijuana. A blunt tobacco wrap will usually have a designated flavor accompanying the effects of both the marijuana and tobacco.

The Culture 

The last difference is the culture behind joints and blunts. Users from around the globe have their own personal preferences. However, there are many in the smoking community who feel smoking marijuana within a cigar wrap is not worth the negative health effects that come with smoking tobacco products. On the other hand, the ability to burn substantially longer gives many the incentive to smoke blunts over the faster burning consumption of joints.


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