Breaking it Down: What are the Different Types of Weed?


Many new marijuana users are trying weed out for either fun or medical reasons but are there different types of marijuana? Before trying, it is best to know what you are putting into your body and what effects you will have.

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Better understanding marijuana will allow you to pick out the right strain that fits you and your lifestyle. Individuals can react differently to weed consumption, but here is a little insight on the varyingtypes of marijuana and how they will make you feel.


Sativa strains of marijuana are typically known to give a “mind high,” but there is a little more to it than that. Yes, strains of Sativa do give the general effect of feeling more mentally refreshed and energized. Depending on the user, Sativas are usually best for creative thinking as well as curing depression or fatigue. Users will not feel tired or held down to just relax on Sativa strains, and will have the positive urge to do or think about something they enjoy. Try using a Sativa strain in the morning or midday. Remember that you are in charge of what you would like to think about, give it a shot with an enhanced brainstorming session on a Sativa strain.


Indica strains are more typically for a restful state. Indicas can prove to be a great relaxation for the entire body, mind included. Though you might want to place yourself in a nice comfy place, Indica strains are helpful to users with chronic pain or anxiety. A nice Indica will get you settled in to enjoy some entertainment or a full night’s rest.


Most strains of marijuana can be a slight mix of both major types, and these are known as hybrid strains. Though both major types seem to have opposite effects on the body, they can blend quite well to give both a soothing and refreshing high that won’t leave you on the couch. Because marijuana has proven to be safe for consumption, you might as well try out as many different strains as possible to find the perfect fit for you!


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