Can Cannabis Treat PTSD? DEA Willing to Find Out


One of the main reasons it’s been so difficult to research the effects of marijuana on the body under controlled conditions is that it’s been one of the big names in the drug war.

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Getting permission to test marijuana for scientific purposes has been rare, particularly since the reason keeping cannabis on the banned substances list is because it has no medical or other uses; if that party line was undermined, then legalization would gain serious traction.

However, since legalization is already making progress on its uphill climb, the DEA has become a little more flexible when it comes to granting permission for marijuana studies. Which is why, according to the Military Times, scientists are going to study marijuana as a potential treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in Colorado.

Can Cannabis Treat PTSD?

That’s what scientists are hoping to find out. Now that they’ve secured the DEA’s approval to purchase cannabis legally, and to use it for the purposes of testing, the researchers are going to begin recruiting people who are suffering from PTSD. The pool will consist of 76 veterans, and scientists will be studying the effects of different strains and potency levels of marijuana on the subjects.

With ever-increasing numbers of people suffering from post-traumatic stress, marijuana has been touted as an alternative to prescription drugs. Up until now, though, there has been very little scientific evidence to say whether cannabis actually helps sufferers. Researchers on this project intend to get some hard data, and to find out if cannabis is really a better way to help our veterans cope.


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