Can I Travel With Medical Marijuana?


Because 20 states have legalized medical marijuana, along with two states that permit recreational use, there is now a question. “Can I travel with medical marijuana?” Being able to travel is very important for many Americans. Whether you’re visiting family, seeing a doctor, or just want to discover a new place, you should be able to do this and be able to access your medicine.

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Simply put, in this day and age, you cannot fly or cross state lines with marijuana. It is still illegal under federal law.

Just like many states, there is a fine line you have to walk with marijuana while flying. Federal Law says one thing, state law says another. The Transportation Security Administration is in charge of making sure nothing dangerous gets into any commercial aircraft. Although airports are federally owned buildings, there are some airports that are labeled as medical marijuana “friendly”. It is not a TSA priority to actively search for medical marijuana. The TSA is primarily concerned with liquids, weapons, and electronics.

Patients have described ways they have provided documents, and been allowed to fly with their medication, just like everyone else. Placing your medical marijuana in your carry-on bag with current documents and paperwork, you are likely to get through. However, if the TSA does discover marijuana without paperwork, or is suspicious in any way they will turn you over to the local police. It is up to them to verify all medical documents and decide if you can fly.

Keep in mind that it is only acceptable to carry medical marijuana into airports in states where medical marijuana is legal, and flying to a legal state.

With all of this said, you are still walking a fine line anytime you bring anything federally regulated in an airport. If you don’t want to run the risk of possibly being delayed, or missing a flight it’s best to leave it at home.



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