Can Medical Marijuana Be Used For Menstrual Cramps?


The 21st-century woman knows that menstrual cramps are no joke. Unfortunately, the tech age hasn’t done much for them in the way of offering a quick relief of their menstrual cramps — applying heat, taking an anti-inflammatory, and working out are all at the top of the list for most recommendations on how to deal with this monthly annoyance.

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But what about turning to medical marijuana for menstrual cramps? Is there science to back up this course of action, or is it just another excuse to light up?

Pain Relief

Marijuana has been shown through multiple studies to be a beneficial tool for anyone suffering from chronic pain. And pain is, without a doubt, one of the greatest problems women face when they deal with menstruation. Midol is one of the top recurring costs a woman has to deal with to handle her menstrual cramps, an over the counter drug with its own laundry list of side-effects. Got cramps so bad you’re calling in sick to work? Consider the benefits of a few puffs a day during your period.

Anxiety Relief

The stereotypes that circle around a woman and her PMS aren’t far from the truth — women are thought of as ill-tempered, quick to anger, and unrationally emotional when they’re on their periods. In reality, women are facing hormone fluctuations that are wildly outside of their control. Something that can help them regain a sense of control? The powerful properties of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, renowned for its use in decreasing anxiety and depression in those who use it.

Nausea Relief

THC can go one step further and help with the nausea that women frequently experience during their period. Medical marijuana has become renowned for its use in those undergoing chemotherapy treatments because of what THC does for those who are too nauseous to eat — likewise, those same active ingredients can help soothe and support a woman who is too nauseous during her period to function properly.


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