Can Pot Help With Opiate Withdrawal?


Short answer: yes.

But, how does pot help with opiate withdrawal? Let us count the ways.

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Opiate withdrawal is quite smooth with pot. There are no brain jolts, no shaking, no anger and no anxiety if you start slow. By reducing the opiate amount and replacing with small amounts of cannabis (a few small hits on a bong, pipe or vaporizer), the withdrawal is generally very tolerable.

Have knowledge of rebound pain, when the continued use of an OTC or prescribed pain-killer cancause the very pain you’re trying to eliminate. It’ll trip you up when it kicks up. Don’t let it. This is when you increase your cannabis intake slightly.

It is a godsend that pot works better than opioids. If your opiate use is for pain, which typically is the case, you’ll be very happy to know that you’ve found something better — without ruining your liver, kidneys, brain and bowels.

It is important to pick out the right strain(s) of cannabis for your needs. Any bud tender at a dispensary will help out with a strain match. And, although few people really want to openly admit it, you can easily research the best strains of cannabis for arthritis, fibromyalgia, seizures, cancer, PTSD, injury and hundreds of conditions on the Internet. Because we are specifically talking opioids, this is about painful conditions.

In your research, you will want to notice the Indica vs Sativa ratio, aka CBD vs THC. One example is if you do not want to get high, you would most likely choose a strain that is mostly Indica or CBD. Though, there are hybrid strains where a low THC (psychoactive effect) ratio mixed with the CBD makes it even better. There are other parts to the marijuana strain breakdown. But, mainly these two components are your guideline. One way to remember it is CBD is for the body and THC is for the head.

Many conditions affect the entire being, though. So, a hybrid (a blend of CBD and THC) would be the best choice. Almost all pain encompasses our entirety. It’s when you need to have a clear head but your back is killing you that you’d want a strain that is 100% Indica or near that.

Constipation from opioids is common. Now, there’s even a drug for the drug’s side effect. Even an anagram, OIC. Wow. Let’s just give you more pain and drugs, right? Constipation is not usually an issue with cannabis. In fact, you’ll find yourself to be less anal retentive off of opioids. Honestly, opioids can also make you mean and short-tempered on top of everything else. Yet another reason to “make the switch”.

The controversy over legality at a state and federal level, the approved conditions in states where medical marijuana is legal, the availability of prescribing doctors and dispensary locations: it is all too much for those in pain. If you are running into a situation where opioids will no longer be prescribed for your condition, be glad. Opioids are for short-term use.

Weed, marijuana, plant medicine, cannabis, whatever you choose to call the Ganja plant, just find it, grow it, learn as much as you can.


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