Can Snoop Dogg Weed Live Up to the Hype?


One toke of the new Snoop Dogg weed and you’ll know you’re not messing around with no backyard boo-boo. That said, is it the best bang for your buck and can the quality of the smoke live up to the name brand hype? These are all the questions potheads want to have answered and with good reason. Snoop Dogg has always been known as somewhat of a name brand in the weed celebrity world, but now that he has launched his own line of designer weed, we all might wonder whether we should become his customers.

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Who among us genuinely could have ever expected a day to come when we were listening to “The Chronic” back in the 1990s (if you were alive back then) that we would one day be legally buying bags of weed with old Snoop’s name, likeness and logo on the bag? The world of marijuana has certainly come a long way. Let’s take a look at some of the feedback being put out thus far by those in the weed world who have had a chance to smoke Snoop’s chronic.

The brand is called Leafs By Snoop and it started rolling out to stores and smokers in select locations back in November of 2015. Before getting into the quality of the smoke, it does bear mentioning that Snoop isn’t actually the owner of the company but more of a front-man or spokesperson. Due to legal restrictions, the company’s owner has to be a Colorado resident and therefore, Snoop must relinquish that role to someone else. He’s eager to be the name and the spokesperson for it and explains how he can “pick out the finest, freshest products in the game.”

The entire line of products includes eight strains of flower, some concentrates and edibles as well. The initial feedback on quality versus cost is coming out on Snoop’s side. Nobody is surprised at that; Snoop doesn’t have a history of signing on to bad deals in the past. His celebrity nose is pretty clean and the new pot line seems like a credibility booster, if anything.

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