Can Marijuana Help ADD?


Having Attention Deficit Disorder is difficult, but doesn’t have to control your life. Sometimes it may even seem that your life is falling apart. But in truth ADD is manageable.

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Surprisingly, there are verifiable studies out there that show marijuana (or cannabis) is a more natural and less addicting alternative to prescription medications in the Amphetamine family – and that they can replace the often prescribed medication for ADD/ADHD.

With Attention Deficit Disorder, it is hard to stay “tuned in”. You may have problems falling asleep and staying asleep. You forget to eat, put off sleep, maybe even postpone going home to your family. Marijuana treatment for ADD has the potential to reduce a variety of these side effects caused by ADD and improve the life of the sufferer.

To understand how marijuana assists with this particular disorder, we need to know what is going on in the brain. When an individual has this particular disorder, the brain is lacking dopamine. For many years, ADD treatment consists of prescriptions such as Adderall or Amphetamine salts, which is highly addictive, causes weight loss, and causes the user to suffer withdrawal symptoms.

Adderall and other medications like it work by making the brain produce dopamine, the same way that street drugs such as Methamphetamine does. Dopamine is the chemical in the brain that relates to addiction in that manner. The brain becomes addicted to the dopamine output and sees the drug as its reward.

In that regard, marijuana (cannabis) works with the dopamine system of the brain, making the brain produce and regulate its own pleasure hormone instead of doing the work for the brain. People don’t get addicted to marijuana, but it still allows the brain to focus. At the same time, marijuana can help a busy mind rest, which is something that individuals with ADD are often lacking.

There is also a positive side effect of being able to eat. Most people with ADD are unable to eat due to lack of feelings of hunger as well as constantly being distracted by the world around them that they often forget to nourish their bodies. Marijuana is not a “fix all” but it can replace many harmful prescription substances that people receive with a range of different health issues.


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