Canada Likely to Legalize in 2017


One of the big parts of Canada’s new liberal government’s platform was cannabis reform. The promises the government made that marijuana would be de-criminalized, and that more effective, and compassionate, measures would be taken struck a chord with voters, and won them a lot of support. Now, according to The Star, Canada’s Health Minister Jane Philpott has announced that the government is starting, in earnest, to lay the groundwork for cannabis legalization.

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Safe, Scientific, and Compassionate

“We know it’s impossible to arrest our way out of this problem,” Philpott said in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly. Philpott went on to say that the Canadian government is launching a task force to investigate cannabis use throughout the country, and to put together a proposal for the best way to legalize it. Questions such as who will be allowed to use it, who can grow it, and what limits will be put on personal and commercial capacity are just a few of the issues the task force aims to tackle.

The goals of all this research? Making sure that cannabis is decriminalized in a way that is safe and responsible, while keeping it out of the hands of children, organized crime, and other negative forces.

What Countries Are Legalizing Marijuana Next?

Canada is taking a bold step by embracing nation-wide legalization, something even the United States hasn’t tried to do yet, despite its success on a state level. However, if Canada is successful in what it’s trying to do, then it’s very likely to push other nations to do the same. After all, if cannabis can be made legal with little social harm, and a lot of social positives, then why keep trying to “arrest our way out of the problem,” as Philpott put it?


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