Cannabis and Pilates: Match or Mismatch?


Yoga and weed, sure, but Pilates and weed? How do the latest exercise trend and marijuana mix?

To a devoted yogi, Pilates is a pumped-up version of yoga with the soul removed from the equation. That’s not to say it’s not good, nay – great for your body and overall well being.  It’s just devoid of any spiritual connection. That said, can cannabis and Pilates compliment each other? Of course, they can.

When compared to the thousands of years yoga has been practiced, Pilates is definitely the new kid on the block. Invented, or if you want to be honest about it, adapted from yoga in the early 20th century, it looks a lot like yoga, only it’s not.

Pilates is a workout pure and simple, demanding absolute concentration, control and precision as you progress through movements of ever-increasing difficulty. Whereas yoga gently encourages you to stop and smell the roses during your practice, Pilates orders you to forget the damn roses and focus on your midsection. It’s interesting that some forward-thinking yoga teachers permit their students to have a toke before class, while Pilates instructors are not so inclined.

So where does cannabis fit into the Pilates equation? It’s a time-tested muscle relaxant. And after a Pilates workout, it’s almost certain you’re going to have a few aches and pains. Smoking some weed after you’ve gotten home will help get rid of residual muscle tension and reduce the possibility of muscle spasms that might occur later on.

Be aware that certain strains of cannabis are more effective relaxants than others, so some might be better for your post work-out needs than others.

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