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While smoking marijuana to treat pain, nausea and autoimmune disorders is very effective, some patients prefer to ingest their medicine instead of inhale it.

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If you live in the 23 states or D.C., where medical marijuana is legal, you may have a good source where you can buy high-quality marijuana edibles. However, if you live in any of the other states, or just love cooking and figuring out new recipes, here’s a question:

Why not make your own cannabis edibles? If you have pulmonary issues, or just don’t like to smoke, consider making your own edible medical treats. In days of yore, marijuana was ground fine, sautéed in butter and added directly to your favorite brownie mix. It did not usually result in high-quality brownies, to say the least. While they may have been effective, you didn’t usually hear the phrase “gourmet pot brownies”. We’ve learned a lot since then.

Many people today start by making “cannabutter”, which is a process where the fat-soluble THC molecules are pulled out of the plant and into the butter. The butter is then carefully strained and used in cooking. In response to the Google search for “make your own cannabutter”, there are almost 36,000 hits. If you grow your own weed, high-quality cannabutter can be made from the trim, or you can certainly throw in some high-test bud. The cannabutter stores well, and can be used on your toast in the morning or in your hot buttered rum at night. Cannabis caramels and candied pot pecans are now within your grasp!

Our goal here at Greenito is to teach you and your neighbors what you need to know about medical marijuana, including edibles, and to connect you with the services and supplies you need.


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