Cannabis Review & Pairing: Featuring Gala Garden Pot Drops

Cannabis Connoisseur here again ready to share some goodies I found at Native Roots! This second addition of my cannabis review and pairing features the Gala Garden Pot Drops. Edibles are peaking a lot if interest these days, so here’s a first hand account on these goodies.
Gala’s Garden Pot Drops: Hard candy balls that are sweet to the pallet, which is nice in case you don’t like the taste of THC. 5mg a piece so consume in accordance to your personal tolerance (.5 is a good place for beginners to start). The right dose provides a nice relaxing high behind the eyeballs and below the neck.
Pair with: Not doing anything too strenuous.  You’ll feel a little rubbery at first, especially if alcohol is involved.  Grab a comfy chair and put on some Billie Holliday. See where the night/day takes you.
Don’t forget, with edibles take one, wait 45-60 minutes to see how the original dose effects you before taking another. ENJOY!
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