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Charlotte Figi, the namesake of Charlotte’s Web products, lives with a rare form of intractable epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome and spent the first five years of her life enduring hundreds of seizures weekly.

Charlotte’s parents tried administering every pharmaceutical recommended by her doctors, none of which worked.  Doctors had tried without success to control Charlotte’s seizures, and the family was running out of options. “It was absolutely, devastatingly impossible, but as a mother, if you have children you understand this, you would do anything for your kids even if it sounds ludicrous, even if it sounds controversial,”  said her mother, Paige Figi.

With her parents seemingly out of options, they turned to a CBD-rich hemp oil developed by the Stanley brothers of Colorado and were glad they did.  They realized positive results immediately. “It is a 180-degree difference from what we went through before,” said Figi.

Over the course of one week, Charlotte’s seizures went from several hundred a week to zero.  After nearly 4 years using the product, Charlotte has experienced a 99.9% reduction in seizures.

The story of Charlotte and the Charlotte’s Web™ product gained international recognition in 2013 after the airing of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN documentary “Weed”.   After the documentary aired, families across the US moved to Colorado seeking access to the products that helped Charlotte.  In March 2015, the Charlotte’s Web Medical Access Act of 2015 was proposed to Congress and soon after a Senate companion bill was introduced.  Both pieces of legislation would exclude CBD and hemp from the Controlled Substance Act and permit nationwide access to hemp oil therapies like Charlotte’s Web™.

Her mother, Paige Figi, co-found the non-profit foundation Realm of Caring and created the politically active non-profit Coalition for Access Now.

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