Colorado, the Poster Child Of Legal Marijuana


Colorado was the first state to legalize adult use marijuana in addition to medical marijuana usage. Both Democrats and Republicans from around the country are closely watching Colorado.

With the rollout of Colorado’s legal adult use marijuana policy, a new industry was created virtually overnight. The medical marijuana regulatory framework enforced by the Colorado Department of Revenue was refined to heavily tax and tightly regulate the retail market.

Some of the big concerns prior to legalization have turned out to be trivial or have failed to happen at all. Expectations of overdose deaths and increases in crime have not materialized  to the shock of many including Nancy Grace of Headline News who went on twitter saying Colorado was “setting it’s self up for one of the biggest crime waves you’ve ever seen!”

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Ok Chicken Little. . .   Do you really think the sky is falling because responsible adults are now legally consuming marijuana?

Denver police spokesman, Sonny Jackson, was quoted in The Cannabist saying, “We look to the economy and other factors as to why crime goes up and down. Traditionally, it’s been trending downward for the last few years.”

With the legalization of marijuana, have we witnessed “one of the biggest crime waves you’ve ever seen”? Certainly we have not.

Jon Walker, author of, After Legalization: Understanding the future of marijuana policy,  seems to agree. Last December he wrote:

“I’ve spent every Christmas for the past decade in Colorado with my grandparents, and this year I noticed it was still the same beautiful state it has always been, even though recreational marijuana has now legally been for sale for a full year. The closest thing to the sky falling was a holiday snow storm, giving us a wonderful white Christmas.

Besides seeing a few adult-use marijuana stores, which were mostly tucked away in basement locations, Colorado seemed basically the same as it has in years past. It hadn’t become a lawless wasteland or a place overrun with drugged out zombies. It was effectively the same great state, except now the small segment of adults who choose to consume marijuana have some regulated stores where they can legally buy it and pay taxes on it.

When I asked my grandparents about legal marijuana, they told me it has had basically zero impact on their lives. This is probably why a recent SurveyUSA poll found that if Amendment 64 was put back on the ballot the residents of Colorado would vote for it again.

Elsewhere in the country our states are still spending billions of dollars arresting hundreds of thousands of people for marijuana to effectively prevent their states from being more like Colorado, yet things are going very well in Colorado. In fact, Americans are voting with their feet for Colorado. It currently is the fourth fastest-growing state in the country.”

As a company based in Denver, Colorado, all of us here at Greenito think Jon hit the nail on the head with his piece.  In fact, we’d take it a step further and argue that Colorado is actually the economic poster child for Marijuana legalization.

What do you think?

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