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Mothers who consume cannabis due to high stress situations, including anxiety and chronic pain, are often seeking to alleviate their symptoms with a non-addictive therapy. Too often, other drug or alcohol choices lead to mis-managed lives, including those of their family and children. Cannabis, it is various forms, offers women choices to control their lives through non-destructive means.

Although consumption of cannabis can be a helpful form of non-medical therapy, it remains a challenge for general acceptance amongst women. To dispel the myth of its dangers to the family unit takes a grassroots effort. Needed is an endeavor to educate women who, for what ever their philosophical beliefs, understand and believe that it is a rightful choice, just as the myriad other decisions women have been given to attend to their body’s needs.

The following suggestions are measures that women, especially moms, can employ to open the lines of communication and create a community. Each talking point focuses on a point of action to take.

Find A Support Group

Support groups bring together like-minded people. A moms’ cannabis support group provides a place for sharing stories of success, personal anecdotes that help other moms relate to similar Cannabis Consuming Moms Greenitoissues, and other topics of conversation surrounding the use of marijuana. Regular meetings used to plan events that support cannabis use get the message out about the positive aspects of cannabis. It is a great place to begin a newsletter.

Start and Distribute A Newsletter

A newsletter is a great place to share a multitude of information. Meeting times, cannabis related events, and cannabis recipes inform group members and invite others to participate or enjoy edible cannabis options. This is another opportunity to partner with the local dispensary and glass shops to further promote the positive aspects of cannabis usage.

Locate and Frequent Local Glass Shops

Local glass shops are a great place to keep abreast of the cannabis culture. They are also a place to distribute any information about mom’s cannabis group meetings and events. Often attached to a dispensary, they are a one-stop shopping location when on a tight schedule with family responsibilities.

Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal is a well-known tool for therapy of all kinds.  A daily log that records the amount of cannabis and the times you medicate combined with the results, records the efficacy of theCannabis Consuming Moms Greenito medicine. Be sure to include the strain that you use. Your dispensary’s doctor can use the information to adjust your medical needs.

Support Local Glassblowers

Glassblowers produce beautiful functional and non-functional art. From  popular rig types and pipes, to beads and pendants, beautiful glass art and jewelry open lines of communication to discuss the use of medical marijuana. Not to mention, you will be supporting a craft that promotes local artists who also support cannabis use.

It is a time of big changes for the cannabis user.  It is no longer a sign of degenerate behavior to use or consume the plant.  Legalization of cannabis is on the rise and approaching fast as an accepted form of medication, nation wide.  Moms make up a huge portion of our society and require methods to assist them to live full lives when afflicted with pain or other medical issues. A cannabis-consuming community can be a perfect way to bond and connect with other consuming mothers.

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