5 Crazy Ways to Smoke Weed


Although many smokers are totally satisfied with the daily joint, blunt, or bowl, there are definitely some that like to spice things up a bit on occasion. 

It is always a good time to hang out with friends and build or buy new contraptions in which to take your daily toke. Just ask the people that decided the following ways were the best way to make their daily hit just a bit more entertaining.


1. The DabStraw – This is for all of the concentrate connoisseurs out there. No need for an entire dab rig anymore. You simply take your torch and heat the end of the DabStraw, put the heated end in your concentrate — and inhale. Crazy, right? It makes dabs a much more portable option (which is a win for everyone involved). Check out a video of it in action here. It also makes a great Christmas gift to any smoker in your life!

2. The 8ft bong – Who doesn’t want to make a contraption so big that you have to stand to smoke out of it? Did we mention you need help from a friend too? Check the link for instructions on how to build your own for under $20! Can you handle it?!

3. The pool gravity bong – This is one for pros and one you have to see to believe. Talk about a great summer day at the pool with some pals. All you need is a giant water container, a bolt, and a friend to make this a reality. You make it like any other gravity bong but there is a catch; you swim under the giant water jug and simply breathe in. It is a must try for anyone willing to take on the feat. Good luck!

4. The ‘old school’ apple bowl – Many have seen this one but it is still a great way to change up your smoking game. The best part? It’s super easy to make! And it’s tasty as well. Never fret if you and your friends forget to bring a bowl somewhere, simply go buy and apple and you’re set!

5. The gas mask bong – Again, most have seen this but it is always a good time. Even though it looks like something from a horror film, it is an interesting way to get high. Test it out for yourself if you don’t believe us. And don’t forget to take pictures of you and all of your friends attempt. We’d love to see them.

Crazy Ways to Smoke Weed Greenito

While these ways are definitely not the best for beginners, they surely are a good way to change things up for the more experienced toker. Remember to always consume responsibly and to not take on more than you can handle.


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