Danksgiving Feast 2015: Cannabis Cranberry Sauce


As Thanksgiving approaches – or rather “Danksgiving” – it’s time to start prepping the sides.  Why not try a cannabis spin on everyone’s favorite side: cranberry sauce. This sweet sauce makes excellent leftovers, and will stay for a while. You can serve it warm or cold and enjoy it for days!



¼ cup cannabis tincture

1 pound of fresh or frozen cranberries

2 cups sugar

½ cup water

¼ cup orange juice


Step 1: In a sauce pan on high heat, combine cranberries, sugar, and water until mixture begins to boil.

Step 2: Reduce to low heat and simmer until the cranberries start to burst.

Step 3: Add orange juice and cannabis tincture and mix. Allow mixture to simmer for an additional minute.


Stock up on ingredients and tincture here.


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