Diabetes and Dope: What’s the Link?


Everyone know about the link between weed and munchies, but what about weed and diabetes?

Many people will be quick to tell you about the association between smoking and snacking. “Munchies” have become almost synonymous with weed and the people who smoke it. But all this snacking has to some effect on blood sugar – the question is, what is it?

The Good

A study published in the American Journal of Medicine found a link between marijuana users and blood sugar control. A study of more than 4,500 people found that marijuana users not only had better fasting insulin levels and lower levels of insulin resistance, but also had healthier waist circumferences and BMI’s. Contrary to the stereotype of “the lazy stoner,” marijuana users tended to be leaner than non-users.

But why? The research is a little less clear on that. While previous studies have shown a link between drugs that block cannabinoid receptors and higher metabolisms, no research has been done looking specifically at the cannabinoid compounds in marijuana and the effect they have on the body. Future research may soon be able to tell us the precise connections between lighting up and slimming down.

The Bad

But it might be too soon to start replacing your daily workout regimen with a daily blunt. A September 2015 study also found a link between heavy marijuana use in young adulthood also had a link to prediabetes in midlife. While the study reiterated the link between smoking weed and low BMI’s and waist circumferences, people who had reported using marijuana more than 100 times in young adulthood had a 66% increased risk of having prediabetes by the age of 50.

To be clear, pre-diabetes isn’t diabetes, and researchers found no link between marijuana use and diabetes rates. Researchers noted that more research would have to be done in order to make a precise link between blood glucose levels and marijuana.

And The Weed

Perhaps its too early to be drawing any definitive links between weed and metabolic health, but one can always look to alcohol for a little guidance: a glass of red wine a day has been shown to have significant health benefits, but drink yourself silly and you’ll end up killing your liver.

There are many more questions that still have to be answered, and as marijuana gains more widespread acceptance, more research will begin to shine a light on the health risks and benefits of cannabis.


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