What’s in a Name?


With weed legalized in four states and at least decriminalized in 28 states, dispensaries have to get crafty in their marketing in order to stand out. For most, this means puns — puns so good (and bad) that they elevate themselves even beyond dad-joke status. Here’s our top 10 favorite marijuana dispensary name puns. Did we miss your favorite joint? Let us know in the comments!

10. High Street Growers (CO). Hey, when you’re actually located on High Street, you have to go for it!

9. The FARMacy (OR)

8. Bud Cellar (CO)

7. Power Plant (OR)

6. Redeye Releaf (CO). This one gets extra points for double puns.

5. Flower to the People (OR)

4. AllGreens (CO)

3. Cannablyss (WA)

2. POTlandia (OR). They know who they are.

 and our favorite…

1. #HASHTAG (WA). Just bad enough to be absolutely brilliant.

And I’d personally like to see someone open up The Grass Menagerie, or maybe even a Sparks and Recreation, so get on that, buds!

Other notable names:

  • The Highway (CO)
  • Grass and Glass Hopper (OR)
  • Green Haus (OR)
  • The Novel Tree (WA)
  • High Society (WA)

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