Disproving the Stoner Stereotypes


It’s unfortunate that stoner stereotypes still persist even as marijuana is gaining wider public acceptance. The best way to disprove these stigmas is to look at each one rationally and see if there’s anything to them.

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Some Misleading Stoner Stereotypes

1. People who use marijuana will often “wake and bake” daily – i.e. smoke a bowl immediately upon getting out of bed.

The fact of the matter is that most people who smoke marijuana actually have jobs and they can’t show up to work under the influence. That means they have to be discreet about their marijuana use, just like they would be discreet if they drank alcohol socially.

2. People who smoke marijuana are lazy and don’t have jobs.

This is one of the easier stereotypes to debunk. Just visit any local dispensary, look at the prices and ask yourself if jobless people would be able to afford the merchandise? With a quarter ounce of decent pot costing between $80 – $100, it behooves anyone interested in marijuana to stay employed in order to have cash for their habit.

3. People who smoke weed tend to be on the fringes of society.

People tend to envision weed smokers as new age hippies, hipsters or college students, when in fact the demographic of weed users is actually more diverse. With marijuana becoming more mainstream, people will be buying it from dispensaries instead of being able to score it because they’re part of some subculture. That means you don’t have to look strange in order to buy pot – you just need a doctor’s recommendation if you live in medical marijuana state.

4. Marijuana smokers are always paranoid.

Actually one of the reasons why people in the past were paranoid was because pot was illegal and they therefore might have been paranoid of getting caught by police. In addition, there was usually less selection available in the past as opposed to today where there are hundreds of varieties from which to choose. So if you do find a strain that makes you paranoid, talk to your budtender and they can suggest something less activating.


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