Does Cannabis Fight Cancer?


It’s hard to get online these days without hearing about the positive effects of marijuana. But does smoking pot really help fight cancer?

Ever since the great legalization experiment in Colorado and Washington there have been huge reductions in arrests and sentencing, increases in tax revenue, and none of the apocalyptic predictions regarding a citizenry that’s allowed to smoke marijuana with impunity have come true.

Not only that, but the constant news about positive health benefits of marijuana, ranging from its properties as a painkiller to how it affects certain diseases, is also being trumpeted from the mountaintops, drowning out naysayers who are still clinging to the argument that marijuana is somehow a more harmful drug than alcohol or tobacco.

The Research

According to First To Know, there has been a recent series of animal experiments that show cannabinoids (the active ingredient in cannabis) actively kill cancer cells while protecting non-cancer cells. Scientists went on to theorize that cannabinoids may even inhibit the growth of tumors, in addition to killing the pain of having cancer.

There is, however, a big difference between admitting that cannabinoids can fight cancer, and outright endorsing them as medicine. Put another way, the ingredients in marijuana can help fight cancer, but the National Cancer Institute has stopped short of saying, “if you want to fight cancer, smoke more pot.” That tune may change in the future, but there’s a lot of hedging going on at present. Still, hedging that marijuana might be an effective cancer-fighting drug is better than decades of claiming it had no medicinal use at all.

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