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The rapidly growing industry of recreational marijuana is sweeping Washington state and raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue. As we mark the second anniversary of its first legal sale of recreational marijuana, we take a look at the most popular strains grown in eastern Washington and how a county with a population one-quarter the size of King County (Seattle) is holding its own in the retail weed game.

The citizens of Spokane County, which runs along the Washington-Idaho border, seem extremely enthusiastic for that pungent, green bud. It was the top-producing county in Washington state for May 2016 with production sales over $500,000 for the month and second in sales and processing. The county made national headlines in April 2016 when data releases showed that citizens spent more money county-wide on pot than milk or bread (per household) for 2015. With about twenty shops to choose from, found in almost every section of Spokane, it is not difficult to understand the statistics. Spokane-ites love weed.

In July of 2015, the Inlander, a weekly free paper, asked ten pot shops in Spokane which strains were most popular among their customers. Over half of those selections came from farms in Spokane County.

One strain actually made the list twice, Palouse Peach by Palouse Farms from Spangle, Washington. This quick-seller is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a hint of peach flavor. Great for daytime smoking. Other noteworthy strains on the list include Sour Kush by Farmer J’s, a Spokane Valley producer, and Dutch Treat by Triple-T Farms in Cheney. Described as sativa-dominant hybrids, both these strains have unique, sweet flavors. So, not only do Spokane-ites love weed, they apparently love the heady, energetic high that comes with sativa-dominant hybrids.

Only two indica-dominant strains made the list, Sensi Star from Cross Fire Genetics and Hog by The Naked Emperor.

When it comes to weed in Washington, Spokane County has the tasty strains avid marijuana consumers across the state know and love. And with a more temperate climate than western Washington, Spokane growers will be major players in the recreational marijuana game for years to come.


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