Exercise Impacts Your THC Levels


Ever wonder why certain athletes choose to use cannabis why they train? According to recent studies, the relationship between marijuana and exercise might be more correlated than you might think. In a study published in the Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence, researchers at the University of Sydney suggest that exercise can give your marijuana high an extra boost.

Greenito, Find Dispensaries Near MeResearchers examined 14 regular cannabis users. Each participant completed 35?minutes of exercise on a stationary bicycle in either a fed or overnight fasted state. Plasma cannabinoid levels were assessed prior to exercise, immediately post-exercise and two hours post-exercise. Plasma samples were also analyzed for indices of lipolysis (free fatty acids (FFA) and glycerol).

After the procedure was conducted, it was found that exercise increased THC levels in regular cannabis users by 15%. These results suggest that exercise may elevate blood THC levels by releasing dormant THC from fat stores. Although this is great news for the athlete who wants to naturally increase their high, researchers point out that exercise can also complicate roadside or workplace drug tests in which recent exercise may skew the interpretation of blood THC levels.

For instance, researchers suggest that even if it has been days since someone last smoked, working out or exercising the same day as an unexpected roadside test could potentially bring the THC out and get you in trouble. So when it comes to cannabis and exercise, just be aware of the influence that exercising may have on your THC levels.

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