Expert Dispels Marijuana Myths


Kevin Hill is an addiction expert, and the author of the book Marijuana: The Unbiased Truth About The World’s Most Popular Weed. According to Quartz, he recently took to Reddit to dispel myths about marijuana, and to layout the positive effects of weed that science, along with common culture, are beginning to admit.

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What Were Some of The Myths?

Given the sheer exposure that marijuana legalization has received as an issue, it’s surprising that certain issues are still coming up in the conversation. One is asking whether or not medical marijuana actually exists, or if it’s just an excuse for people to get high. Hill made it very clear that marijuana has acted as a proven appetite stimulant, and that it can help control nausea. He went on to explain that it is likely, according to research, that it has wider-reaching implications, including as a chronic pain treatment, an anxiety treatment, and as a medicine for a slew of other conditions.

Other myths came up, as well. One was that marijuana is an extremely addictive substance. Hill’s explanation pointed out that addiction is a complicated matter, combining mental, physical, and emotional elements. He also made it clear that marijuana has a significantly lower addiction rate, and does less harm to the user, than already legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco.

While Hill stated he was firmly on the side of legalization, because he believes that adults should be allowed to make their own decisions regarding their bodies and their freedom, he made it very clear that marijuana is not a substance that should be used by young people who are still growing and developing. Just like tobacco and alcohol, teens should be prohibited from use until they’re adults, and can make that decision for themselves.


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