The New Delivery Guy: Get Legal Weed Delivered


Imagine getting marijuana delivered straight to your doorstep – it’s every stoner’s dream.  Now, with companies like Speed Weed, it’s becoming a reality.

With the advent of legal marijuana there have been a lot of people opening businesses that would only a short time ago have landed them in jail. Growers, store owners, accessory shops, and dozens of other businesses are all doing their part to expand into this newly opened economic opportunity. However, some entrepreneurs are taking the next step, going beyond products to introduce services to help consumers enjoy their cannabis. Companies like Speed Weed are now offering delivery services for all your marijuana needs.

Drug Dealers Who Deliver

While the idea of celebrities calling up their favored drug dealer to bring over a bag of weed is as old as cars and the telephone, medical marijuana (and to an extent – recreational marijuana) has transformed both the image and the business. According to this GQ article, weed delivery people used to be that twitchy, nervous guy in sunglasses carrying a backpack who just wanted to unload his product and get out of there, but nowadays delivering weed is a lot like delivering pizza. Which is to say that it’s long hours that sometimes let you meet cool customers who ask you into the house party they’re throwing, and sometimes you get people whose only tip is to tell you to have a nice day.

It’s Not Drug Dealer Money (Ironically)

While the client base for door-to-door weed has grown substantially thanks to changes in laws all over the United States (medicinal marijuana can be purchased in California with relative ease, for example), it costs a lot of money to run a successful business. Even businesses like Speed Weed, which has a more than $5 million estimated earnings for 2015 at present, will only make 12 percent of that total as a profit. To add to that, most of the company’s profits are going to be re-invested in growing the business.  So while the company is providing jobs as well as a product customers want and need, it’s hard being a successful legal weed business.

The question, at present, is whether or not weed-related businesses will soon be welcomed into the fold more wholeheartedly by governments. Currently, companies like Speed Weed and its brethren don’t qualify for certain types of tax breaks or government aid, and if those rules alter then it will be a lot easier to make more money (a quick jump to 24 percent from the 12 percent mentioned earlier).

Will that happen? We’ll just have to wait and see.  Speed Weed only delivers in Los Angeles, but you can find local deals and dispensaries here.


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