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Who would have thought – you really can enjoy the best of two amazing worlds with¬†marijuana infused coffee. It is a fairly new product that you likely will want to try at some point. If you don’t really know much about it, read on to learn just what makes this so intriguing.

Compelling & Rich Markets Marijuana Infused Coffee

Maybe you have never thought much about the phrase “wake and bake”, but this coffee product brings in a whole new meaning. There is now a company that makes and sells Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee that is conditioned with the herb.

The conditioning process that is used gives a strong hemp-flavor to the beans, though you will not get high from drinking a cup of the brew. Something that is known as green coffee conditioning is conducted, which means that the beans are exposed to ingredients vaporized at a low combustion point.

Kian Abedini is the roastmaster and owner. He receives a bit of a high during this process, but it provides no real buzz to customers besides from the caffeine itself.

It is only possible to purchase the coffee beans from Seattle and Los Angeles, as that is where the product has been legalized – somewhat. Abedini decided to consult a lawyer before putting the product on the market, who advised him to put “herb conditioned” on the label. Since there is no THC in it after it is processed, it is technically legal to sell.

Dispensaries can interest new customers by offering coffee infused marijuana, because it is such a novelty item. The price is quite high at an upwards of $10 a pod, though the cost is sure to decrease when there are more options being sold.


Looking for a place to buy and try? Check here for the best dispensaries and deals.


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