Greenito Presents at the NCIA Business Summit


Greenito’s CEO and co-founder Mary Smith will be speaking at the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Fall Regional Business Summit in New York on September 21-22.

The NCIA’s work has been focused on advocating fair banking protections and tax policies for medical and adult-use cannabis businesses, as well as ensuring legitimate businesses are fairly treated under federal law. This year’s conference will focus on all aspects of the marijuana industry, including cultivation management, industry and reform updates, and legal issues, among other topics.

When asked about being selected to speak at the event Mary said:

“Most of the time being a tech startup CEO is tough stuff.  And then there’s a call or an email or a Greenito Presents at the NCIA Business Summittap on the shoulder that seems to acknowledge all the hard work and push you into another dimension!  That happened a few weeks ago when I was asked to be on a panel about  “Managing Large Amounts of Cash” at the National Cannabis Industry Association Cannabis Business Summit in New York on September 20.

Now Greenito™ gives viewers lots of essential information about how to navigate this new world of legal medical and/or retail cannabis (or pot, or weed, or marijuana or so many other terms).  What you see was built specifically to connect buyers and sellers in this legal market and by letting people learn in a friendly, easy to understand environment.  They also get to select promotions prior to an on-site, cash transaction; through that we give dispensaries an alternative, cashless method of paying their bills.

What an amazing compliment to get online and see my headshot in the mix with the who’s-who of the industry.  These are people whose gumption and intellect I’ve admired for years as we’ve moved from concept to revenue with dozens of dispensary partners in 4 states and growing.  It’s a huge compliment for my team and our vision.  The National Cannabis Industry Association has been at the forefront of policy development and regulatory structures nationwide and will continue to lead as access expands.  Greenito™ is proud to be a member and delighted to participate.  Looking forward to it!”

Don’t miss this great event. If you want to know more about Greenito and our cash management solutions please contact us.


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